Thursday, August 27, 2009

Settling In

After a week and a half of being here, I feel like I've already readapted. 
And after a week of having only what i took with me in my carry on, it's great to have my bags. Nothing was missing, and nothing was damaged. Andrey (pastor) and Pasha(andrey's brother) are so excited to have the new projector which Ada was able to purchase. I'm sitting with Pasha in the studio now helping him figure out how to use it.  

A huge thanks from Greenway to Ada for the Projector. This is a huge blessing. 

I found a great flat yesterday and today I met with the owner and discussed details and payed her. I'll move in on Monday. I'm excited to be able to call this place my own home. I pray that God will bless this home, and bless everyone who enters it's door. (photos to come) 

Everyday i feel like I'm constructing new, and improving old relationships. I met with a guy named Igor last night, and we sat outside my house and spoke until two thirty in the morning. He's not a christian, and he really has no interest in becoming one. (He enjoys the life he's living now and doesn't want to change it.) this is an extremely common case in Ukraine, and a barrier that is very difficult to overcome. None the less, the Kid has a great and open heart, and I think that forward motion can be made with him. 
Pray for Igor. 
Pray for Ukraine. 

Love and Peace to you All!

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