Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arriving Home

Stepping off of the airplane in Kiev on Monday afternoon, I inhaled deep through my nose. It smelled like body oder poorly covered by cheap cologne with a little hint of potatoes. It was an extremely welcoming scent for me. And I couldn't have been happier as I wandered into passport control only to stand in line for close to two hours and to find that my bags were in fact still in Detroit.... Kind of a bummer, but I was stoked to be on Ukrainian soil again. 

The first few days here have been pretty busy. I'm taking care of a sick Pastor Andrey, as well as meeting with as many friends as I possibly can to catch up on what I missed out on this summer I dove head first into band and worship band practice. AND the search for a flat has begun! I'm currently living at the Mission house where I lived for the majority of  last year. It's been a pretty easy re-adaptation for me. 

I decided to start a list of "How not to look like a tourist while in a foreign country" So I'm going to try do one addition to the list each time I post. 

1. No matter how concerned you are about the contents within your carry-on and or back-pack, Never ever ever EVER strap your BACK-pack to your CHEST. 
I would not recommend this for a few reasons. 
First reason, You look completely ridiculous. Some may even say "idiotic." Also this allows potential thieves to understand that there is something you find valuable in your bag that you don't want them to have. It will immediately mark you as a target for when you let your guard down. And believe me, you'll let it down sometime. 
So Shall it be Written, So Shall it be (not) Done. This tom-fooled attempt at security is a big no-no. I don't care if you have the entire contents of Fort Knox in your bag, If it's strapped to your chest, you're simple making a poorly fashioned request for someone to steal it from you. 

I'm never going to stop asking for your prayers. God is Great. 
Love and Peace to you all!

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  1. Love you brother. Miss you tons. Post pictures of your flat search, please. I'm sure it's bound to be entertaining!