Thursday, August 13, 2009


Thanks for you're interest and for checking out the blog!

I'm packing my bags right now for what seems like the 100th time this year. I've got the system down pretty well by now!

I'm leaving for Ukraine on Sunday August 16th. I plan to be there for the majority of the year. 
I will be serving a church called Greenway Church in a city called Vinnitsia. 
This will be my second year in the working with the church, so I already know the city quite well, and have many close friends. 
I feel that this is where God has called me for the time being. And with the way things have been working out this Summer I have no question that these feelings are true. 

I need your prayers. 

This Blog isn't going to be a daily update, because frankly not everyday is worth hearing about. This is more of a way to keep you all updated on what's happening in my ministry and in my heart over the course of the next ten months. 
Thanks again for checking in. 
Love and Peace to you all!


  1. Alex Manion, hopefully you know how cool you are!

    Rachel B.

  2. Alex

    You're in my prayers. I'll look forward to reading your updates.

    Peace and love.

    Lozza x