Friday, October 16, 2009

So far October has probably been one of the best months of my life. Things are good, very good. God's given me a peace right now unlike I've ever had before, and it feels great.
I was able to preach at Greenway last Saturday and it went really well. I've been getting some good positive feedback.
We're in the process of writing all new original worship music for Greenway. So I've spent every day this week in the studio writing Music and translating english Lyrics into Russian with Andrey (worship leader) It's been a good but challenging week in the studio. But I believe a lot of really good things will come from it.

It's really difficult for me to believe that it's already been two months here. Everyday is a new beginning, and a new opportunity to serve.
God is Good, good, good.

peace and love!


  1. That is a very bold statement. "The best month of your life.. ever" I wouldn't even be able to tell you when the best month of my life was.


  2. alex, you are awesome! and yes, God is Good, good, good!!